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Facebook zensiert Buecher und Airbrush Kunst! Konto wurde von uns sofort geschlossen. Das ist gegen EU Freiheit

Good by my real friend s and Facebook friends.


Yesterday night I had a real fool Facebook censor idiot! He removed all my own written books that I presented to you and he removed my art pictures. God alone know why FB employs fool and idiots to censure our posts. I understand they censor politics and sex, is up to Facebook is their site but censure books and painting art, this means Facebook is not far away what we called history in Germany.

We all know that Facebook grows by our post, we all know that Facebook make money with our post and presence and we all know without our participation Facebook would be just a website a script worthy 5 dollars.

Therefor I complete disagree that Facebook censures my book on their site or Facebook should mention that books are prohibited and airbrush painting-

And because I DISAGREE with censure, I will close down my Facebook site. Book censure is the worst stuff happens in history and present. States and online portal that censure books and arts must be avoided and removed.

I will also send a proof today to the European Union Parliament and ask if this is acceptable under EU Law.


I can be reached under https://www.minicamper.club http://www.journal.koeln and for my code diplomatique visitors under: http://www.services-diplomatiques-et-consulaires.com

It is said that the present is pregnant with the future. — Voltaire – see Facebook censure-

Published in Journal.koeln- Cologne September 15, 2018




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