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LOVE IS ALWAYS THE LESSON: My Stories From The Edge (English Edition)

Imagine a world where everyone believed that death was truly only the slightest of separations … a process of stepping behind a curtain that only blocked your physical view of your loved one … yet with a promise of continued communication and shared experience. Think how that might change your life. No longer would you fear your last breath or grasp tightly to the hands of those you love. You might just realize that you could come to embrace the transformation of the physical presence and know, with certainty, that death cannot stop any love story … just change the nature of its course.

Sherry Smith weaves for us a story not only of her experiences and rich life lessons, but also paints a picture of this possibility. She pulls the reader into her journey to learn the lessons that have formed her belief systems around life, death, transformation and ultimately reminds us that love is always the lesson. If you choose this journey and take a leap of faith, the story may change your life as well.

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