Dez 3, 2018
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The Year With Angels: A guide to living lovingly through the seasons

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Beautifully illustrated with photographs representing different aspects of the seasons, and with quotes from Lorna, this is the perfect book for those looking to keep their guardian angel close to them at all times.
Lorna Byrne helps you to recognise the spiritual side of yourself through the seasons of the year. It is about awakening and feeling blessed in your life. It is about knowing that you are not alone, not even for one second – your guardian angel is right there with you, the gatekeeper of your soul, loving you unconditionally.
The Year With Angels will enable you to realise how much you are loved and cherished because inside of you is a spiritual being, your soul. Your soul is that spark of light that radiates so brilliantly, like nothing one has ever seen before, and that is your spiritual self.

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