Feb 13, 2019
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PF Book Expo November 2016: Renaud Evrard’s “Enquête sur 150 Ans de Parapsychologie en France…”

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Renaud Evrard talks about his book „Enquête sur 150 Ans de Parapsychologie en France: La Légende de l’Esprit“ [A Survey of 150 years of Parapsychology: The Legend of the Spirit] published by the publishing house Trajectoir.

Dr. Evrard is a clinical psychologist and a professor at the University of Lorraine. He is also the Co-Founder of Center for Information, Research and Counseling on Exceptional Experiences (CIRCEE). The book presents the results of Dr. Evrard’s historical research into scientific interest in paranormal phenomena in France, the men and women who studied the topic (including Pierre Curie and Charles Richet), their studies, their findings, and the relationship of the early discipline to the psychology of the day.


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